LA fashion photography by Jon White  Howdy, I provide creative services to a growing list of companies and individuals around the globe. Please hang around and have a look at my photo, video and design work or feel free to contact me directly to inquire about availability and rates for my creative services. To see more of my photography you can follow me on Instagram: @glitterpimp.

The question: Who could use the help of a professional content creator?
Any organization or individual short on time, with limited resources, and the ever growing budgetary concern, that’s who. We are now living in a content driven society. With each passing week, we find ourselves with less and less downtime. It’s as if we are never not working or consuming; not just food but content. Our cellphones are a permanent fixture, never more than a few inches from our hand at any given time. What that means for content delivery, is that there is never enough.

Companies must now market themselves in what used to be considered unconventional ways. That means they need a never ending supply of marketing content to push out into the world and that content has to be created by someone. That’s where content creators like myself come into the picture or what we now call a “post”. The services I provide are imperative in the modern world. It’s a one stop shop of content generation that will save you time and lots of the ever important dollar. Get in touch today and let’s get some work done.

DieFast in the toilet at the Viper Room
DieFast at the Viper Room
  It was one of those lazy nights but I hauled myself down to the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood
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Miniature models used in a music video shoot for forced perspective effects.
Photo Story: Miniature Perspectives
  Recently, I headed to Texas to shoot a couple music videos with Ashley Worhol, lead singer of the band
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Photo Story: Roy’s in Amboy
  On a recent shooting trip in California’s Mojave Desert, my colleague and I stopped off at Roy’s in Amboy
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Video: Junker Designs for Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots
  I was recently enlisted by friend and owner of Junker Designs, Tod Waters to shoot and edit a promo
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Photoshoot: Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017
  Yesterday, photography for the EY 2017 Entrepreneur Of The Year program continued with a long list of qualified finalists.
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Magnus Walker and his signature 277 Porsche race car
Dirt hits the Shelves on June 1st!
  Once again my photographic work will be featured in book form on the cover of “Dirt Don’t Slow You
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Recent Photography Projects

Much more photographic work can be seen on the photographic fantastic page. I specialize in many areas of photography and am always adding more. Soon to come will be photo sections dedicated to fine art and food. Take your time and have a look around, and if you have any questions about hiring my creative services please contact me at your earliest convenience.

“Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible or a physical object.” – Wikipedia


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