It's a Content Driven World. How Well is Your Marketing Media Working for Your Brand?

Have we all become creators? In a way yes. Currently, we all carry a digital media device in our pocket everywhere we go. However, there are situations where expert help can be of great value in achieving the goals that we’d like to reach with marketing a product, developing brand identity or audience engagement. A digital media creation specialist that’s in sync with your vision can be of great service and a key addition to your creative team.

Building relationships through communication, consistency and fulfillment of service is the foundation for long lasting creative collaborations. Much time and many years have been spent on my part to cultivate such associations. Are your creative business endeavors currently reaching their goals? Expert help is easier to obtain than you might think.


Promoting LA Fashion and Street Wear Through Photography

What's More Important, Pixel, Grain or Message?

Filming is what we’re calling it lately, even though most of us aren’t using cameras that require film and some of us have never even seen a piece of film. Often, it is discussed whether the medium is more important than the message? I think not. Even with a resurgence in the usage of analog image and sound devices throughout social media and modern broadcast platforms, the intended audience will engage with quality messaging regardless of it’s delivery method or format. Are you currently delivering digital media that provides a clear message that captivates your audience and properly serves your brand?


video & post

Providing award winning video production services, specializing in documentary work, serial television and branded social media content. Imagery is being delivered at a staggering rate and quality often gets crushed by quantity. Give your audience a good reason to stop swiping and watch compelling and innovative content that gives focus to your products and services.

graphic design

Beneath theory and rhetoric, and well beyond technique, the purpose of design is to motivate people. Without message and purpose, design will quickly find its way into forgotten realms, never to return. What are your creative assets saying to your audience?

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Photography is the science, art and practice of creating images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation. In evaluating photo works, a viewer cannot see the price point of the device that was used to make the capture, they can only see the image itself. No one will be impressed with a bad photo taken by an expensive camera.


Sound is often the most important part of any project and one of the first aspects to get overlooked. Most viewers will forgive poor image quality, but not mediocre sound. JonWhiteCreatives can produce original sound recordings and provide audio support for your productions.

Often Asked Creative Questions

Absolutely. Inquiries for my real estate photography have grown exponentially in the last two years, and I can certainly work your listings into my schedule.

A few things need to be figured out first, such as strategy, goals and brand values of the organization, but yes, I would be happy to help.

Yes I am. Producing and directing the creation of digital media while traveling in another country is a task that I have years of experience with. From Australia to Denmark to the UK, my cameras have captured stories in numerous countries. Much of season one of Food Over 50 was produced in Scotland.

By utilizing clear communication, organization of creative assets, as well as leveraging time and project management skills to create an efficient workflow for deliverables. It’s a multi-tasking world, I just create in it!

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