There’s a new band in town! I recently had the opportunity to photograph LA band We Start Wars. Featuring Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper, Alicia Vigil of Vigil of War/She Demons, Seana, Nicole Papastavrou, Katt Scarlett of Femme Fatale and Lindsay Martin, we had a fantastic day of shooting. The day required a few setups both indoors and out. Posing 6 people at once was a challenge at times, but everything worked out great in the end.

  The main promo photo was shot on a red seamless background in my living room in Hollywood. Because of spatial limitations, I had to shoot the band in pairs and then composite them together for the final image. We Start Wars is a great group of talented women that are just very easy to work with. With this many people involved the day could have easily gotten chaotic, but that was not the case here. There was a great collaborative effort between all of us that produced some killer images. I look forward to the next shoot!

  Wardrobe for the shoot was graciously provided by Junker Designs, Peepshow Clothing and JungletribeLA.

Check out the first single from We Start Wars, “The Animal Inside” below: