Yesterday, photography for the EY 2017 Entrepreneur Of The Year program continued with a long list of qualified finalists. We spent the day working with some very influential and innovative CEOs from companies in the Southern California area. Companies such as, Yamibuy, Omaze and Scopely will be participating in the program this year.

  As you can see in the photo above, the photographic setup was a simple three point lighting plan. A key, fill and edge light did the work nicely on a gray seamless background. We went old school with the strobes using a package of three Norman’s strobe packs and heads. This is the third year that my colleague and I have done photography for EY and the EOY Program. We deliver quality and consistency with the photography making it much easier for the EY graphic designer to do his job.

  Our next task is to shoot the awards gala in June. Looking forward to a great night!