On a recent shooting trip in California’s Mojave Desert, my colleague and I stopped off at Roy’s in Amboy on our way back from the Kelso Dunes. It was really hot that day and we needed a cold drink for the rest of drive home. I’d been by there a couple times but hadn’t stopped to have a closer look until this particular day.

  For many years I’ve been a huge fan of “Googie-ish” 50’s style architecture, and even though Roy’s opened in 1938 and named for its original owner Roy Crowl, the famous restaurant sign wasn’t erected until 1959. The town of Amboy is just the ghost of another era, a look back at a simpler time, and I find it stunning.

  Roy’s is currently owned by Albert Okura who also owns the first McDonald’s in San Bernardino. He has plans to preserve Amboy in a 1950’s look and feel and will try to preserve and restore the site to its former glory. If you are ever out that way, stop in and have a look. For now you can enjoy these photos.

More information is available here: Route 66 Roy’s