It was a busy day at the warehouse as usual. Lots needed to get done. We started out rigging a set wall for a reality show that’s coming in to shoot for about 30 days. Next, we headed across the street to the Outlaw chop shop to re-hang lighting that we transferred from the work area to the paint area. With some time to kill after lunch I got tough on a Porsche transmission with solvent and a wire brush. The cleaning isn’t finished yet, but it’s looking good so far.

Later in the afternoon, with sunlight fading quickly we have to knock out a promo shot to be sent over to Mobil1 for an event happening in the near future. We have to act fast so we shoot in the parking lot and then quickly under the 6th Street bridge, where there is already a music video in progress on one side and vocal vagrants on the other. It’s a delightful set up. We put 277 into a nice spot next to the bridge and within 10 frames on the Canon 5D Mark III we’ve got our shot.

That’s the way we do it in DTLA. We get our hands dirty and we create art, all at the same time. Have a great day, we did! Visit the Outlaw blog:

Get out and shoot with whatever you have available. In my years of shooting, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that gear doesn’t make the shot, you do.