That’s right, punk rock isn’t dead! Face to Face returns to the Observatory for three sold out shows.

This video was a marketing piece to tie in Face to Face with Lucky 13 Apparel and ASG Guitars. The band was in the middle of doing their Triple Crown of Shows at the Observatory in Orange County. Over a couple days Todd Huber and I shot Face to Face with very much the same style we used when shooting Agnostic Front a couple months prior, leading up to the release of their The American Dream Died album.

Grab it when you can get it, that’s what we did. We were able to nail down Trevor for an interview for only about 15 minutes and built the rest of the piece around him. We’re pleased with the way it came out and the band was super stoked on it. It’s just one in a vast number of branded content pieces that we’ve made in the last couple of years.

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