Recently, I headed to Texas to shoot a couple music videos with Ashley Worhol, lead singer of the band Worhol. Fellow Houstonian Tod Waters, owner of Junker Designs was directing the videos and enlisted my services to DP the project.

  One of the segments we were shooting required the use of miniature models to create forced perspectives. An old friend from the local Houston music scene, Kevin Forbes, was great help in providing and maintaining the models. It took quite a long time to line up the models properly and create the right perspective for the shots we needed. There will be loads of After Effects work to do in post on this project. This was definitely an exercise in DIY cinema at its finest.

  We even had an air powered bike on hand for the main character to ride through a few of the shots. Still in development, the bike had a limited range and speed but provided the visual aesthetic that we needed for the tone of the video. Once the music videos are released, I will post them here.

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