There are times when you can just make it up as you go. First, we’ll shoot the two models in hooded shrugs and the underwear, then we’ll pour fake blood out of this zombie head prop onto one of them. The great thing is, those in the moment ideas usually work. At least we tried it. It would have been disappointing to not get this shot.

   The somewhat difficult part of the idea was figuring out the most efficient way to back light the liquid in a tight space. Again, this is where my Yongnuo YN-560III speedlights save the day. I was able to get one behind Danni’s head to light the liquid as it poured down onto her. As a bonus, it also lit Chara’s cleavage. Sometimes you get lucky. Or was it just skill? Let’s go with luck for the moment. There was a second speedlight on the right side with a red gel that’s adding the bit of spooky in there and then I used a large Paul C Buff octabox overhead for the key light. I got off about 8 or 10 frames before we ran out of liquid.

   The soundtrack of the day was songs from The Phantom of the Paradise movie starring Paul Williams, Jessica Harper and Gerritt Graham as Beef from 1974. I haven’t run across many people in my lifetime that know of this movie, but Tod Waters and Danni Doll were both stoked on it like me.
   Shoot on and Fear not!