While driving home from a shoot at the Hotel Figueroa in Downtown LA I noticed something unusual. MacArthur Park is not a place that people usually want to hang out at, not in the last few decades anyway. What you would typically expect to find at the park are used needles and dead bodies, not an art installation. Los Angeles can be a surprising city. An organization called Portraits of Hope along with the mayor are using an art installation to bring awareness back to the park and other long forgotten areas of the city.

   I was inspired by what I saw and decided to haul my camera down to the park at sunrise the next morning. When the alarm went off at 5am I nearly canned the idea for more sleep. Luckily, I changed my mind on continuing to sleep and drove over there. With a tripod, circular polarizer and my Canon DSLR, I was able to get a couple shots off while the sun was still low. The city has a completely different feel at that time of day.

Everyone should get down to the park before the beautiful art you see here is long gone. Enjoy!