It was one of those lazy nights but I hauled myself down to the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood for a late night photo assignment with my friend’s band DieFast (Junker owner Tod Waters), at the Viper Room. As expected it was loud and gnarly as all can be. The band was working with a split lineup of original members, returning members and a fill in on guitar from Chris of Beasto Blanco. Fast and loud rocknroll permeated the walls of the Johnny Depp owned establishment like it was hearing rock for the first time.

The madness and mayhem took itself beyond the stage that night and poured its inebriated self onto the sidewalk. I stuck around for awhile to see what would transpire with the two very very drunk individuals that were hounding the guys in the band. It was an anything could happen moment. We didn’t know their names and they didn’t either. I’m still not sure if they even knew where they were, but I knew drunken comedy was sure to come our way. And it did.

Maybe I’ll put up a few more pix later. Enjoy!