It was supposed to be just another Xmas party until the Frito Pie showed up. Down at the Junker Designs studio in Los Angeles a nice pre-Xmas fashion party was in full swing. It was a joint effort between Junker Designs and peepshow Clothing. Guests were invited to food, drink, good times, live screen printing and custom cutting of clothing. Tod Waters of Junker and Jessica Nicole of Peepshow provided three killer models (Elle Audra, Erika Young and Saraontheinternet) for me to photograph throughout the day.

   In between bites of Frito Pie I decided on a single source lighting setup. I wanted to get good shots of course, but I didn’t wanna spend a lot of time lighting. Also, when it was time to go, I wanted break down to be quick and easy. So, I pulled out my medium sized octabox, put it on one of my Alienbees 1600 heads and I was set in a couple of minutes. Overhead and out in front of the model a bit, I got some good light working. I could have added a bounce on the bottom or another light to fill in a bit, but I decided to keep it moody and low key. Depending on the models distance from the gray background I could easily make it fall very dark if I wanted to. All in all, a great day! I came home with some great images, and have posted a small gallery below.

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