Fashion and Branding for Social Media

Dancer wrapped in flag stretches out on table
Dancer Kelsie Koziol dances upon the table as directed by JWC

The objective for this shoot was to create a social media promo for fashion label Junker Designs in Los Angeles. The concept is fairly simple, a model would be seated at a table wearing headphones and scribbling into a notebook. As the camera gets closer and closer, her scribbling would intensify. Eventually, the viewer would be able to see that she was writing #wearitloud over and over again in her notebook, capped off with a big “I Heart Junker” on the opposing page. Along the way the music that she is “listening to” in her headphones would get louder and louder as she became more frantic in her writing.

Lighting this set gave me an opportunity to use my new Quasar Science T8 LED tubes. The plan was to keep the shots moody and a bit other-worldly in their overall look and feel. We also wanted it to have a bit of a retro vibe. I used only a few fixtures to light the entire set, letting pockets of shadow fall against the pools of light. A can of haze sprayed in front of the Quasar tubes gave the look an old sci-fi movie sort of feel.

Version one of the promo will be a clean and social media friendly version, while version two will be for the company website and incorporate quick flashes of the model writhing around the table draped in only a flag. This promo will serve as a jump off point for brand awareness and product sales using the hashtag #wearitloud as the anchor for those purposes.


Model with headphones scribbles Junker in a notebook
Model Kelsie scribbling #wearitloud in her notebook over and over again

Expected delivery for this promo is sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving for the 2018 holiday season. Although very simple, this is a marketing promo that will hold the viewers attention.

Behind the scenes photos by Ashley Fontenot Photography.