Six2Midnite Recordings Song Writing Challenge 01

Awhile back I found myself sitting on the couch with my laptop like usual. The movie playing on the TV was background noise for my need to create music. With no riffs in mind at that moment, I fired up Cubase on my laptop and loaded Toontracks’s EzDrummer 2 into a new track and started noodling around with beats. Within minutes I had the foundation for a song in place. It was playing at a comfortable 130 bpm and could turn out to be just about any type of song. What would this drum track become, or better yet, what could this drum track become?

Inspiration then created its own fusion with laziness. I wouldn’t write a song to this drum track at all. I decided to send it to a friend and have him write a song to it. Collaborating is fun and I like to throw my friends surprises from time to time. It keeps them on their musical toes. What’s better than collaborating with a friend on music? Collaborating with three friends on music, that’s what. I then decided to send the drum track to not one but three of my friends. They would write a song of their choosing to the supplied drum track and then send me the results to evaluate.

Why Bother Your Friends to Make Music?

What I received back was exactly what I was hoping for. I was hoping to hear three completely different songs in three different genres and that’s what I got. One version is jazzy, one is pure modern rock and one version has a 90s influenced alt-rock groove. Have a listen for yourself. What do you think? Are you interested in taking part in the next challenge?

These Songs are the Results of Challenge 01

which song version is your favorite?

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