A couple Fridays ago I headed downtown to do a quick photo shoot with Jessica Nicole of Peepshow Clothing and local LA fashion model Erin Kennedy (@theerinkennedy). It was a quick and easy setup, one white wall and one photo strobe with a softbox. After a series of homemade tacos and guacamole to fuel up, it was time for the shoot. Oh, and don’t forget cocktails mixed by @rocknrollbartenders.

Jessica had prepared some new pieces including custom designed fringe dresses featuring the graphics of David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) and Marilyn Manson. She also had one-of-a-kind custom cut T-shirts from Metallica, Iron Maiden, Lady Gaga and many more. And let’s not forget a couple of the custom cut bodysuits that she’s quite well known for making.

Lights up, camera on! – With tattoos, piercings and looks that kill, Erin Kennedy rocked the hell out of each piece that she put on. We cranked through the line up of clothing with rapid fire fashion effectiveness. From the subtle to the sublime, each piece of Jessica’s custom designs were in fine form that night. Good times were had by all and just as quickly as it had started, another successful photo shoot was put to rest. My trusty Canon DSLR goes back in the bag, keys go into the ignition and I haul my butt back home. Job done. Take care and keep shooting!

I’ve put up a small gallery here, but to get a look at more of the fantastic photos that we shot that night, have a look at the Peepshow Clothing website or check it out on Instagram.

“I am fascinated with the idea of taking something as simple as a t-shirt, and making it into a piece of art. Everything about the process is interesting to me and always a learning experience. I am forever grateful to take on this amazing journey. It may not seem like much to some, but to me it’s everything. As I grow and learn so will Peepshow, to me the possibilities are endless!”
Jessica Nicole – PeepshowClothing.com