With the Long Beach Grand Prix approaching quickly, I hauled it to Downtown LA yesterday to prepare artwork sent over to the Urban Outlaw warehouse from HotWheels. A new series of collector cars between HotWheels and Magnus will be unveiled at the grand prix and I needed to layout the T-shirt that will be given away at the event to promote
the new collector cars.

In all, a pretty simple layout job. One panel of four cars on the back of the shirt measuring 10.75″ X 13″ and a killer left chest print that combines the logos of Urban Outlaw and HotWheels measuring about 4.5″ X 4″. Despite the mock-ups being laid out on a green T-shirt, the HotWheels design will actually be printed on black. The green T-shirt is for another design I’m putting together right now of a water-cooled 1978 Porsche 928. The front of that T-shirt will feature the Porsche 928 and the back will have a text design that reads “Water-Cooled” in German.

The Long Beach Grand Prix is April 15-17 2016. If you find yourself at the event, keep an eye out for Magnus and the HotWheels team. If you need T-shirt design services, send me a message. I can provide good rates and a fast turn around time. I can also recommend several good screen printing companies.