For many years it has been my job to create original content whether it be visual, audible or both at the same time. Still photography will always have a place in the lexicon of media, but video is now an all important marketing and advertising tool on social media platforms. Images must move these days.

Love Kills
Sabina Kelly Inked
Sexy Black Dress

  With that in mind, I have made many promotional videos for the fashion industry. Most of them start out as behind the scenes footage during a photo shoot. In these situations, time and money are usually very low so working quickly is important. With a few random shots, we throw in some lifestyle elements and craft a visual story on the spot. To keep the process speedy, they normally get edited in the same day.

  Creating original content this way can be scary, fun and challenging. There are no do-overs in this type of situation. What you get in the can is what you craft with later. It becomes an excellent exercise in creating story and shot selections. It teaches you how to figure out what is going to work at a fast pace.

  And if I’ve done my job right, the targeted audience will connect with the brand being promoted in the video. That makes the client happy and will ultimately bring me future work from the client.