As a working photographer and content creator in Los Angeles, I often work with interesting people in a variety of situations. Sometimes I know their names, sometimes I don’t and there are scenarios in which the only time I will ever actually see that person is on the day of the shoot and then never again. It’s the nature of the business. You show up, get the job done and then go home. Hanging out and starting up a friendship isn’t part of the deal. Sounds strange I know, but that’s just how it is at times.

It was a really hot Summer day, when Jessica, the owner of Peepshow Clothing and I met downtown for this shoot. We stood outside the Zinc cafe at the corner of Willow and Mateo streets waiting for a model that she hadn’t seen in years and one that I had never met at all.

In the distance we see a girl walking our way, but it couldn’t be who we were waiting for, this girl was wearing a cast of some sort. It was the temporary kind that goes on with velcro straps and has a big cushy sole. Much to our surprise, it was the model we were waiting for. Another first for me. I’ve never had anyone show up for a shoot in a cast before.

Once the injury talk was taken care of with our model, Ms Sabella Shake, we got to work shooting. On this particular day I stuck to my 24mm 2.8 and my 50mm 1.8 lenses for the job. On an APS-C camera those focal lengths just work perfectly for fashion. Within a couple hours we were done shooting and ready to get out of the heat.

We went our separate ways and the photos are left to tell the story of the day.