Graphic Design

It all began in the late 80’s, spending hours on end at a Kinko’s in the West University area of Houston, TX making flyers for my band’s rock shows. There was a very analog approach to graphic design then. We had to cut things out by hand and create “paste-ups” just to make black and white flyers. Our design needs quickly moved on from flyers to T-shirts, posters, CD and 7″ vinyl covers.

Today, I can do all graphic design assignments from the comfort of my couch with a laptop and my bare feet propped upon the coffee table. The trips to Kinko’s are long gone but not forgotten. I have design clients in multiple countries that can get updates and changes to their graphical assets in a matter of minutes. With a keen sense of time management and the ability to adapt to a particular style, my rates are competitive and flexible. Let’s discuss your next design project.

my t-shirt designs are on sale at the urban outlaw shop

UO Navy Blue Vintage Text T-Shirt

Pedal to the Metal T-Shirt


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