It all started with video, but still photography quickly became a necessary part of my skill set while I was creative director of a video company in Los Angeles. That led me to start photographing fashion and glamour, later adding on food, travel and cars as subject matter. These days I even shoot landscapes and real estate for fun.

Photography isn’t about the type of camera that you’re holding in your hand, but how you work with light and glass. In looking at your work, the viewer cannot see the camera you used to capture the image, they can only see the image itself. One of my favorite things about photography is how no two people approach it in the exact same way. All viewpoints are valid in image creation.




Group of models show off custom vests
Portrait of Tod Junker with zombie head
Portrait of Magnus Walker with his Porsche under the 6th Street bridge
Custom bracelets made by Heyltje Rose
Los Angeles real estate living room in gray with dark hardwood floors
Main house at Morsegail Estate in Scotland
Close-up of Raspberries and blueberries
Delicious Food

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