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beauty portrait by Jon White of blonde fashion model
Beauty Portrait taken by JonWhiteCreatives


It all started with video production, but still photography quickly became a necessary part of my skill set while I was creative director of a prominent video company in Los Angeles. That led me to into the world of fashion and glamour photography, where I excelled and gained quite a reputation. Later on I got into food, travel and cars as photographic subject matter. Most recently, my real estate photography business has been on the rise.

Photography isn’t about the type of camera that you’re holding in your hand, but about composition and how you work with light and glass. In seeing your work, the viewer knows nothing of the instrument used to capture the image. The audience can only see the image itself. That’s why it’s important to make every frame count. No one will be impressed with a bad photo taken with an expensive camera.

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dragula series winner vander von odd in junker designs armor
Fashion Photography
Portrait of Tod Junker with zombie head
Portrait of Magnus Walker with his Porsche under the 6th Street bridge
Custom bracelets made by Heyltje Rose
Mid century room downtown los angeles real estate
Real Estate Photography
Main house at Morsegail Estate in Scotland
Landscapes - Just for Fun
Close-up of Raspberries and blueberries
Food Photography
bikini clad brunette fitness model at coastal sunset los angeles

All images Photographed by JonWhiteCreatives

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