Graphical Design

Graphic Design Desk  It all began in the late 80’s, spending hours on end at a Kinko’s in the West University area of Houston, TX making flyers for my band’s rock shows. There was a very analog approach to graphic design then. We had to cut things out by hand and create “paste-ups” just to make black and white flyers. Our design needs quickly moved on from flyers to band shirts to posters to CD and 7″ (yes, vinyl records) covers.

  Today, I can do all graphic design assignments from the comfort of my couch with a laptop and my bare feet propped upon the coffee table. The trips to Kinko’s are long gone but not forgotten. I have design clients in multiple countries that can get updates and changes to their graphical assets in a matter of minutes. With a keen sense of time management and the ability to adapt to a particular style, my rates are competitive and flexible. Let’s discuss your next design project. Contact me.

“Beneath theory and rhetoric, and well beyond technique and jargon, the reason for design is to speak to people in a language this is familiar, but also new, to entice people to understand an old thing in a new way, or grasp a new thing in an old way.”
Copyright 1982 by AIGA


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