The Best Golf Clubs Money Can Buy

Golfer swinging club wearing a sombrero

The best golf clubs money can buy can’t help the short comings of the Long Beach chapter of the Mediocre Golf Association. The 2013 season was a struggle for all players, but it was at the Fore! Cinco de Mayo-ish tournament that the beer fueled mayhem got the best of the team. How many MGA tour members can ride in one golf cart? Well, all of them! Many thanks to the El Dorado Golf Course for dealing with the team.

It was my job as team documentarian to shoot and edit the highlight reels from each tournament. I put together a setup of DSLRs, action cameras and camcorders to quickly capture the run and gun nature of the days activities. Prior to each round a key player to follow was chosen as well as a theme for the video that would feature the chosen player.  Often, I had a club in one hand and a camera in the other, needing to shoot and play at the same time. Already being a horrible player, the distraction of shooting video during the tournament didn’t effect my game much. I usually came in at next to last place. Ha!

This was another shooting situation that pushed me to find a way to be as effective as possible in the moment and to do the most that I could with the least amount of gear available. I had to produce the segment as I went along and already have the final edit in mind. Even with a silly golf video, having a production plan is important. There were no do-overs, I either got the shot I needed or I didn’t.

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