Late Summer Bikini and Fitness Shoot

Jewell Marceau fitness model in leopard print bikini outdoors

   It’s late September and Jewell Marceau and I are shooting some bikini pix in a backyard that overlooks the San Fernando Valley. It’s a simple shoot, one Canon DSLR, an open faced softbox on one of my trusty Alienbees photo strobes and Jewell.

   The hot tub technician was a bit surprised when he rounded the corner to the backyard and found us there. His day got a lot better real quick. For the past year, Jewell has been intensively training six days a week to compete in a fitness competition, her first ever. The day we shot these photos was several weeks post competition.

   Just as with most of our shoots, we shot hard and fast. We needed to crank out 200 shots per bikini for a private client. We’ve been shooting together for 10 years and it works well, so this wasn’t a problem. I’m very familiar with her posing style as she is my shooting style. The objective here wasn’t to create art or perfection, but to have maximum usability. Out of 200 images shot, we really needed to be able to deliver 199 of those to the client with very little or no re-touching. Here’s where knowing your gear and model comes into play. The usability of my photos gets me hired time and again by clients. Luckily, we’re in California, so the weather isn’t much of a concern. So much sunshine can sometimes be uninspiring. I’m sure to get the finger from those that live in Seattle and other notoriously rainy cities.

   It’s beautiful outside, go shoot something!

You can check out Jewell online at: or on Instagram: @msjewellmarceau

Jewell Marceau fitness modelJewell Marceau fitness model

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