Telekinetic Yeti: Stoned and Feathered

Telekinetic Yeti outdoors with Orange Amps

  There seems to be a never-ending supply of stoner/doom/metal on YouTube these days. This afternoon I stumbled across Telekinetic Yeti from Iowa. The band has popped up a few times in my YouTube feed recently, but today I took a chance on rock and was rewarded for my effort. Apparently, the band’s first album Abominable was released through on March 17, 2017. Do yourself a favor and check it out ASAP.

  It seems that the two member band idea has really struck a chord with me lately, with bands like Royal Blood from Brighton, England, who put out their first album Royal Blood back in 2014. The interesting thing is how heavy a band made up of only two people can be. Multi-tracking is the key I suppose, but so much sound coming from two individuals is a fantastic thing to behold.

  Lately, I’ve experimented with stoner rock sounds in my own recordings and have plans to do much more. I have three EPs currently in the works. Seeing this video for Stoned and Feathered has left me inspired. That heavily distorted, groove laden sound just makes everything alright. Keep on Truckin’!

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