KFSTV Showing Experimental Movies by Jon White

Nylon Commander, experimental movie by Jon White.

  KFSTV is a new internet TV station started by Tim Woodward of Skin Two just this year. Within KFSTV you will find documentaries, feature films, fashion, interviews and nightlife coverage. After noticing there was room for experimental content, I submitted a short movie I made a couple years back called Nylon Commander. Shortly after, Tim got back to me and the next day I had my own film makers page on the site.   I won’t give away the details of the movie I submitted, but if you have…

A Grand Prix of Apparel Design

Hotwheels T-shirt mockup for the Long Beach Grand prix event.

With the Long Beach Grand Prix approaching quickly, I hauled it to Downtown LA yesterday to prepare artwork sent over to the Urban Outlaw warehouse from HotWheels. A new series of collector cars between HotWheels and Magnus will be unveiled at the grand prix and I needed to layout the T-shirt that will be given away at the event to promote the new collector cars. In all, a pretty simple layout job. One panel of four cars on the back of the shirt measuring 10.75″ X 13″ and a killer…

Photo Story: Introducing MacArthur Park

Colorful floating balls in art Installation at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles

   While driving home from a shoot at the Hotel Figueroa in Downtown LA I noticed something unusual. MacArthur Park is not a place that people usually want to hang out at, not in the last few decades anyway. What you would typically expect to find at the park are used needles and dead bodies, not an art installation. Los Angeles can be a surprising city. An organization called Portraits of Hope along with the mayor are using an art installation to bring awareness back to the park and other long forgotten areas…

Junker Designs Halloween Shoot

Zombie blood poured onto fashion model in black underwear

   There are times when you can just make it up as you go. First, we’ll shoot the two models in hooded shrugs and the underwear, then we’ll pour fake blood out of this zombie head prop onto one of them. The great thing is, those in the moment ideas usually work. At least we tried it. It would have been disappointing to not get this shot.    The somewhat difficult part of the idea was figuring out the most efficient way to back light the liquid in a tight…

Gritty in the City with Lucky 13

   Shot on a rare rainy day in Alhambra. We needed to quickly capture a day in the life of a custom car builder. To create a sense of being immersed in the lifestyle, we pulled back the color so that it feels as though you are remembering being there rather than watching it happen in real time. This is just one of the many branded content pieces we shot last year for Lucky 13 Apparel.   Get Some! www.Lucky13.com