KFSTV Showing Experimental Movies by Jon White

Nylon Commander, experimental movie by Jon White.

  KFSTV is a new internet TV station started by Tim Woodward of Skin Two just this year. Within KFSTV you will find documentaries, feature films, fashion, interviews and nightlife coverage. After noticing there was room for experimental content, I submitted a short movie I made a couple years back called Nylon Commander. Shortly after, Tim got back to me and the next day I had my own film makers page on the site.   I won’t give away the details of the movie I submitted, but if you have…

Deadly Fashion with a She Demon!

   I’ve spent a lot of time at the Junker Designs studio lately. On this particular day we had Alicia Vigil, bass player of the She Demons on model duty. We knocked out a few quick outfit changes and got some great shots. Just keeping it simple with one octabox. Photography doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow the Crew on Instagram: Clothing: @todjunker Model: @aliciavigil Makeup by: @carathecorpse Me: @glitterpimp