Love Kills in Fashion Video

  For many years it has been my job to create original content whether it be visual, audible or both at the same time. Still photography will always have a place in the lexicon of media, but video is now an all important marketing and advertising tool on social media platforms. Images must move these days.   With that in mind, I have made many promotional videos for the fashion industry. Most of them start out as behind the scenes footage during a photo shoot. In these situations, time and…

Production Notes: The Importance of Olive Oil

December 28th of this year was a beautiful and busy day. It all started with a long drive from my place in Hollywood to the olive groves owned by the Temecula Olive Oil Company to meet up with the host and producer of my show. The job for the day was to document the harvesting and pressing process for making quality olive oil and to shoot an in-depth interview with the company’s owner and resident olive oil guru. In producing a health and lifestyle segment for an upcoming PBS television…

Late Summer Bikini and Fitness Shoot

Jewell Marceau fitness model in leopard print bikini outdoors

   It’s late September and Jewell Marceau and I are shooting some bikini pix in a backyard that overlooks the San Fernando Valley. It’s a simple shoot, one Canon DSLR, an open faced softbox on one of my trusty Alienbees photo strobes and Jewell.    The hot tub technician was a bit surprised when he rounded the corner to the backyard and found us there. His day got a lot better real quick. For the past year, Jewell has been intensively training six days a week to compete in a fitness competition,…

Gritty in the City with Lucky 13

   Shot on a rare rainy day in Alhambra. We needed to quickly capture a day in the life of a custom car builder. To create a sense of being immersed in the lifestyle, we pulled back the color so that it feels as though you are remembering being there rather than watching it happen in real time. This is just one of the many branded content pieces we shot last year for Lucky 13 Apparel.   Get Some!

Deadly Fashion with a She Demon!

   I’ve spent a lot of time at the Junker Designs studio lately. On this particular day we had Alicia Vigil, bass player of the She Demons on model duty. We knocked out a few quick outfit changes and got some great shots. Just keeping it simple with one octabox. Photography doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow the Crew on Instagram: Clothing: @todjunker Model: @aliciavigil Makeup by: @carathecorpse Me: @glitterpimp