What’s up with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR?

Canon EOS 5D Mk IV

It’s been a long wait and after all the reviews have come in, the comments are all very similar. What’s the point? That’s really the consensus. I’m a die hard Canon fan from way back. I’ve never even considered using a Nikon camera. But even after all the years that the 5D series has been around, I’ve never wanted to own one. Functionality in a camera is important, but price is important as well.

Why spend $3500 on a camera body that you’ll immediately have to spend more money on, so that you can add a monitor and be able to shoot with in more than one position. I’d rather buy the cheaper 60D,70D or 80D to have an articulating LCD screen, and be able to pick up the camera and just use it without needing to mount a bunch of other gear to it. Putting the extra cash into good lenses is a better plan anyway.

Some will think that if you are truly a pro, you will want to spend the extra money to add a monitor to the 5D, because that’s what a pro would do. These days I think pro means “spends a lot” or “costs a lot”, it’s not really a term that relates to skill so much anymore. Kinda like how “blockbuster” used to mean a movie that made a lot of money, and now it means a movie that costs a lot of money. If you truly are a pro, you probably won’t settle for shooting video with a 5D Mk IV anyway. You will probably want to use a cinema camera of some sort. DSLRs are for us struggling artist types, not true film making professionals. Although the Canon 5D Mk III was the defacto “I’m a film maker” camera for many years. If you owned one, it meant you were a film maker for some reason. If only buying a camera was all it took to be a film maker. Don’t even get me started on people using the term “film” while holding a video camera.

But it’s different this time around, right? The Canon 5D Mk IV shoots in 4K now. Wow, now we’ll have video that looks even more like video than video did before. What happened to “film”? Here we go again with a $3500 price tag for a camera body that will be obsolete in 3 years if it isn’t already. The big bummer is that it shoots 4K with a 1.6x crop factor. So much for that full frame. Now you’ve paid $3500 for a $1000 crop sensor camera. I’d rather just buy an APS-C sensor camera, at least it has an articulating LCD screen on it.

I’m not giving up on Canon though. The Dual Pixel AF is eliminating a lot of the difficulty with DSLR shooting.

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